Just Trains JJA Autoballaster for RailWorks

Just Trains JJA Autoballaster for RailWorks 1.0

There is even an animated operator character on the back!
1.0 (See all)

The fourth add-on in our PlusPaks range for RailWorks and Rail Simulator and features two models - the JJA Autoballaster hopper wagon and the JJA Autoballaster generator wagon.
Supplied in 6 liveries, these wagons are finely painted and carefully weathered for maximum realism.
The detailed modelling includes even the most intricate details, and there is even an animated operator character on the back!
Enjoy the video which shows the JJA Autoballaster in action as well as some great footage of rolling stock from our other PlusPaks!
The JJA Autoballaster wagons can be used on any RailWorks or Rail Simulator route, and this PlusPak includes a set of five interesting scenarios to drive on these routes.
These wagons can be found throughout the UK rail network playing a major part in track renewal works.
They started life as KPA hoppers before being converted in 2000 to become the JJA, running in sets of five wagons, often with multiple sets in formation behind locos such as the Class 66 and Class 60.

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